How ok4print works

Custom-designed for the promotional industry, ok4print is a secure cloud-based order management system with integrated digital proofing capability and secure cloud backup. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it? Luckily, ok4print is ridiculously easy to use – right from the moment you receive a new order through to delivery of the finished product:

  1. Enter your order details via ok4print’s intuitive user interface. You can use free text or pick from your personalised list of favourite products to describe the product and set quantity, deadline, print colours, delivery address, etc. This makes ok4print compatible with your system no matter how many tens of thousands of products your suppliers have on offer.
  2. ok4print automatically generates the supplier order email, preventing you from forgetting to actually place the order and saving the time you usually waste by having to write the same things over and over and over again.
  3. From here on, you can filter this order together with all other active orders to remain in complete control of what’s in the pipeline. You can sort by sales staff, supplier, customer, digital proofing status, delivery deadline – virtually any status. And should you feel like taking a day off to further your appreciation for popcorn and Star Trek (who doesn’t?), it’s easy enough for a co-worker to cover for you. ok4print can be accessed from anywhere at any time and ensures that it only takes a single glance for everyone to be on the same page.
  4. ok4print prompts the supplier to confirm the order and any applicable deadlines via a link. If they don’t, ok4print will remind them to do so and notify you of what’s going on. And, of course, everything is logged for future reference in ok4print.
  5. Rather than emailing you, the supplier clicks a link to upload the digital proof into the order folder at ok4print, which notifies you that a new proof has arrived. You can then choose to review the proof before sending it on to the customer with a single mouse click or to have ok4print automatically forward the proof to the customer for approval. Should the customer fail to approve the digital proof, ok4print will remind them to do so and notify you of what’s going on.
  6. Well ahead of the deadline, ok4print reminds your supplier to confirm that the order has been dispatched. Should they not, ok4print will notify you of whom to call to chase up the order.
  7. Your supplier enters shipped quantity and tracking ID into ok4print, from where you can either have it automatically sent to the client or send it on yourself.
  8. Done.

    You might have noticed that there’s preciously little for you to do when using ok4print. In fact, granted that the supplier and customer do their bits, the above process could read like this:

  1. You enter new order details into ok4print and press Send to supplier
  2. ok4print takes care of the rest, only bothering you if something requires special attention.
  3. Done.

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